What Do We Do?

We help you build massive credibility, develop instant trust and fill your pipeline with sales-ready prospects interested in learning how you can help them.

Account Based LinkedIn Prospecting and Lead Generation

Through our proprietary Linkedin Lead Generation System We curate a database of prospects that match your ideal customer Profile and fill your calendar with 7-10 sales-ready prospects per week interested in learning how you can help them Achieve their goals!

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Performance Based Major Media Placement

BPM is the only marketing and pr agency in the world able to guarantee major media coverage from the most influential media outlets in the world including Forbes Inc, Entrepreneur, The Huffington Post, NASDAQ, Fortune, Bloomberg, US Weekly and more. Our clients build instant credibility and trust from prospects through features in the above publications leading to increased, conversions, sales and revenue.

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“Done for You” Linkedin Lead Generation System

The simple fact is if you are in a B2B industry and aren’t consistently using LinkedIn to close new sales you are leaving tens of thousands of dollars per month on the table. Linkedin gives us the ability to target your IDEAL prospect down to laser-targeted accuracy and turn them into sales appointments on your calendar.

If you are reading this it’s because you don’t have a proven LinkedIn prospecting system to turn those prospects into appointments or you don’t have 8-10 hours a day to do the real work it takes to monetize LinkedIn and turn it into a sales and prospecting machine. The good news is, we do have the proven systems, techniques and time it takes to turn your LinkedIn account into a machine pumping out 5-10 qualified, sales-ready leads per week on your calendar.

Book a discovery call below to see if our proven Linkedin Lead Generation system will work for you and your business.

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You should book a discovery call ONLY if the following are true for you:

  • You have availability on your calendar for 5-10+ new sales appointments per week with your perfect prospect.
  • You have a B2B product, service or software that solves a clear problem or fills a painful need for your prospect
  • You have the mentality of a wolf! You are 100% committed to your success and closing sales. If we show you a system that effectively flips a switch to more targeted prospects on your calendar you’ll only wish we spoke sooner.
  • You are financially able to invest in your success right now in order to see a MASSIVE ROI when you start closing new clients.

Performance Based Major Media Placement

Berry Performance Marketing is massively disrupting the marketing and public relations industry through our performance-based public relations approach. We are the only agency in the world that can consistently guarantee our clients get placed and featured in the most prestigious media outlets in the world. Our relationships with writers and editors at Forbes, The Huffington Post, Inc, Entrepreneur, and others are so strong that we don’t need to “pitch” your brand to the media; if you work with BPM you are guaranteed to join the small percentage of brands that have the privilege of claiming major media exposure.

Through our vast relationships with writers and editors here are a few of the major publications we have direct access to feature your brand in:

Our clients use their exposure in these major media outlets to gain instant trust and credibility with their current and potential clients. In a time when your competitors are a click away it has never been more important to have instant social proof that you are a leading authority in your space.

Unfortunately, due to the demands of these major media publications as well as their writers and editors, we are very selective in regards to the types of brands we work with.  If you are interested in becoming a client please book a PR Discovery call at the link below and fill out a major media placement application after you book your call.

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Our Clients

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Why Us?

Berry Performance Marketing has been helping clients grow their top line revenue through modern lead generation and prospecting techniques since 2011. We know what it takes to get appointments on your calendar in the modern age of sales and marketing and can help you and your sales team scale to incredible heights by tapping into the power of Linkedin. In the PR space we are the only agency willing to put our money where out mouth is and place our clients in the most prestigious press outlets in the world on a performance basis. Why should you work with BPM? Put simply, we don’t bullshit and we do what we say we can do. Schedule a call, your wallet will thank you!

-Max Berry
Founder and CEO

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If you are ready to get started today on building your brand authority and filling your sales calendar with 7-10 appointments per week we recommend you schedule a strategy call using the button below. For all other inquiries including partnerships and job opportunities contact us at the email below.

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